WTF is going on with these souvenirs at SeaWorld gift shops?


Souvenir sales typically generate about 20% of a theme park's revenue, but it's hard to imagine this is the case at SeaWorld Orlando. Here you'll find "Class of 2015" pencils, Christmas gifts on display in late March, and piggy banks that look like sneakers for some reason.

Out of all theme parks in Orlando, it's clear that SeaWorld is unmatched when it comes to depressingly bad souvenirs.

SeaWorld has made a pretty aggressive company-wide shift towards "education" rather than "infotainment," so it's surprising that their gift shops still have head-scratching merchandise like marsupial crocodiles, Shamu monster trucks and what appear to be knock-off Hello Kitty penguins. To make matters worse, because there's very little variety between gift shops, these bizarre gifts can be found at almost every single shop at SeaWorld Orlando.

Photos by Ken Storey